Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Experience the taste of thrilling Desert Safari Dubai with us with no prior planning or organizing anything. Our professional staff from the office coordinator to the guide and driver will take care of all desert safari journeys from hotel pickup till drop-off back to the hotel safely.


Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening desert safari is the most thrilling and enjoyable desert safari among all other safari types.

The duration of the evening or sunset Desert Safari is 5 to 6 hours total, which includes the transfer time from hotel to safari camp and back.

Evening or afternoon desert safari starts around 4 pm and continuous till 7 to 8 pm.


Overnight Desert Safari

Enjoy the Dubai best desert safari tour with Mount weather .

The overnight desert safari journey starts from hotel/villa etc 

Morning Desert Safari

  • The morning desert safari starts from your hotel or residence in the early morning.
  • The reserved driver will pickup you from your doorstep early morning, so be prepared prior.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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